[coils and strikes unseen]

Subtlety and Discretion

Loyalty and Misdirection

[coils and strikes unseen]
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[coils and strikes unseen]
Age: Somewhere over a thousand years. (Probably about equivalent to mid to late 30s or so)
Height: Small for a Dragaeran, so probably a few inches under seven feet?
Weight: ...whatever the appropriate weight for a Dragaeran his size and build is.
Medical Info: Technically, genetically modified human, with a little bit of animal DNA spliced in. (In Pel's case, the yendi- a sort of venomous snake.) Otherwise, note much to note, he's in perfectly fine health.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Physical traits: Looks rather like some sort of elf, really. Is handsome in looks, and has impeccable sense of fashion (at least by Dragaeran standards).
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: I'm taking him from some point roughly analogous to Vlad and Morrolan for my own sanity, so anything up to that point is fine. Breaking the fourth wall is a maybe, probably poke me first.
Abilities: Basic sorcery and psychic abilities, also is extremely good at swordplay. Oh, and is an excellent liar. :)
Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: Pel probably keeps his mind fairly well guarded, and even if you did get in, his mind is ridiculously full of complex and interwoven schemes and plots and deceptions. Even one of the gods remarks in one of the novels that she can't quite figure out his motives. Magic-wise, he has access to the sorcery all Dragaerans do, though isn't nearly as advanced in its use as Morrolan or Tazendra.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Talk to me for the first two, the second two will probably result in you being challenged to a duel. :)
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Hahaha go for it!
Maim/Murder/Death: Prooobably not, but talk to me first!
Cooking: Please, that's what Teckla servants are for.


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