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Character: Duke Galstan ("Pel")
Series: Khaavren Romances
Character Age: Entirely unknown, but presumably over a millennia.
Job: Camp Discreet
Canon: Welcome to Dragaera, a world of elves who call themselves human, soul-eating weapons, psychic flying lizards, and conversations where hyperbole is par for the course and "two words" are anything but. At the heart of this is the Dragaeran Empire, tens of thousands of years old, and just as full of plots, politics, and intrigue as you might imagine.

One such citizen of this empire is none other than Pel. A Yendi, scheming and plotting comes as naturally to him as breathing. Courteous, polite, and every bit a gentleman, Pel is also ambitious and cunning, and has few scruples about using anything he can to his own advantage. Of course, his plans are as subtle as they are complex- if he were behind a plot, no one would even suspect him, and even the gods aren't always certain of what exactly he's up to. Nevertheless, he is loyal to the Empire- insofar as he stands to gain, at least- and his friends, no matter what the circumstance. Though this certainly will not stop him lying and scheming whenever it serves his purpose.

Note: a Discreet is a sort of specially trained confidant; someone an individual can confide in and receive advice from without worry that the confidentiality would be broken.

Sample Post:

Ah, so you are the emissary of Lady Sayre? That is well, then, for I wish to have two words with you. You perceive, that when I first received the summons requesting my presence in Lady Sayre's domain, at her behest, it was given to me to understand that she desired to avail herself of the services of a Discreet. Which is, in all certainty, a not entirely unreasonable request, even for one with such a busy schedule as myself, for those trained in the art of Discretion are indeed woefully few. Yet I would have expected, with all the greatest respect to your Lady, that anyone making such a request would be rather more informed as to the nature of the services requested.

Of course, such an oversight must surely be merely the result of a faulty communication, and certainly not any reflection upon the quality of her ladyship's policy, however, such treatment as I have received is nearly intolerable. Though I profess my ignorance as to what local custom may involve being shut in a wooden closet to pass judgment on whatever strangers deign speak therein, I can most certainly assure you that the duties of a Discreet do not involve being a "professional confessional attendant", as your colleague was so kind as to put it. Indeed, to suggest that such a thing as "anonymity" is necessary to protect a client's confidentiality is, at the very least, an exceedingly ignorant assumption, and moreover, an insult to the integrity of the vows undertaken by those who practice the art of Discretion.

But were that not issue enough, there is also the matter of the conditions I have been met with here. While I entirely understand that such a small, remote district could hardly be expected to offer all the luxuries one might find in the capitol, being expected to dwell in conditions that would hardly be tolerated by a Teckla is singularly offensive. Furthermore, I recall clearly that the agreement stated that I was to remain no longer than seventeen days at the greatest, not seventeen weeks, or months, and especially not indefinitely, as another of your esteemable colleagues seemed to have implied. In light of all this, I must respectfully request that I be given an audience with Lady Sayre directly, so that this missunderstanding may be properly addressed. So, if you would be so kind as to convey a message on my behalf...

My good sir, I most certainly will not take my message and place it in the regions you so crudely describe. Then, I presume, you are unwilling to assist me? That is indeed unfortunate, and so much so, that I must sincerely beg you to reconsider. Not for my sake, of course, but your own; it seems to me unlikely that the Lady Sayre would think well of you offending her guest, should it become known what else- ah! You ask what I would know of such matters? Well, I have certainly been made aware of some of the more... particular laws of this domain, and I am not unacquainted with the consequences- and alternatives. Ah, but far be it from me to betray the confidence of another's affairs, it merely seemed prudent on my part to point out the risks of being so exposed...

How did I know about your relation with your undoubtedly charming companion Ookie? Your pardon, my good sir, but I do not believe I understand the question which you do me the honor to ask. In fact, until you asked me that very question, I hadn't the least idea in the world, I assure you! I did, however, have my suspicions, which your reactions have more than amply sufficed to confirm. Now, then, do you not wish to reconsider your position on the matter at hand?

Very well, then, I knew you'd see things my way.

((Voting was here.))
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